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What are Flipside Prints?

Flipside prints are double-sided, illustrated art prints for kids bedrooms and nurseries.

What do you mean by "double-sided" prints?

Each Flipside Print features two unique illustrations - one each side. 

What makes Flipside Prints unique?

Flipside Prints incorporate hidden magnets that stick to special wall mounts called Flip Mounts. This means you can quickly 1) flip them over to display the illustration on the backside, and 2) swap in different themed prints as your little one grows up. 

How do I hang Flip Mounts on the wall?

Flip Mounts stick to the wall with damage-free 3M adhesive strips that hold strongly to painted surfaces yet remove cleanly - leaving behind no holes, marks or sticky residue.

Can I hang Flip Prints on wallpaper?

Not recommended as may cause damage to wallpaper.

Can I re-hang Flip Mounts in a different spot?

Yep. The adhesive strips that come with your Flip Mounts are single-use, but you can order replacement adhesive strips and reuse them as many times as you'd like. 


Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to Canada and the US, but hope to expand internationally soon!